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Welcome To Chanteh Antique Carpet

With over 30 years of experience in Antique Persian rugs, We provide you a Collection of Antique Persian rugs, kilims, Runners, Nomadic Handmade such as Chantehs, Bags & Mafrashs, Khorjins, Horse Covers & Sofrehs from Qashqai, Shahsavan, Afshari, Bakhtiari, Bijar & All over Persia.

Qashqai Antique GAbbeh
Shirvan Rug
Turkaman Asmaligh
Persian Antique kilims
Chanteh Antique Carpet
Persian Antique Salt bag
Persian Antique Runner
Persian Antique Rug
Persian Antique Sofreh
Chanteh Antique Carpet
Antique Persian  Rugs
Nomadic Hand Mades
kilims  & Horse Covers
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